Typical Well Equipment

Residential Well Service & Repair

We provide a range of maintenance, diagnostic, repair and testing services for private well owners.

Emergency Service

Well problems can't wait. We work weekends and stock a wide range of parts so you're not left waiting. For emergency service, contact (702) 361-3340 or use our Service Request System for immediate response.

Annual Checkups / Well Certification

Water Well Services provides one of the most thorough Annual Checkups in the industry. Our service technicians can test flow, water level, pump motor performance, pressure tank and switch contact performance and general water quality. Each Inspection comes with a written report of the health and operation of your well, as well as any recommendations for action. The inspection process usually takes around two hours and you are under no obligation to purchase other services when the inspection is complete. If you're thinking of buying a home, let us certify the well equipment before you buy!

Well Repair / Rehabilitation

A single bad part can severely impact your wells performance or cause otherwise good parts to fail. If you experience low water pressure or notice that your pump and motor are running constantly, these could be signs your well is in need of service. Don't wait for a small problem to become a big one. Contact us at the first sign of trouble.

Pump Extraction

When a pump and motor reaches the end of its service life, you need an experienced and professional contractor who has the knowledge and tools to remove and replace the unit quickly and safely. Water Well Services maintains a fleet of extraction vehicles designed specifically for this purpose. Our expert staff can extract and replace pumps and motors of any size, from any depth. We only sell quality pumps and motors, and we back each one with a one-year full replacement warranty with labor included.

Electrical Component Testing / Replacement

Proper electrical component function is vital to the operation of your well. Breakers, control modules, pressure switches, and wire can break-down over time with exposure to the elements. Water Well Services can safely inspect and service the electrical components of your well. Contact us today!